Yang style master

In 1997 on our second visit to study with Chen XiaoWang in Sydney, we picked up enough courage to show him a film of Choy HakPang which had been recorded in Los Angeles ca 1945. In Hong Kong in the mid '50s, Gerda Geddes had been directed to this disciple of Yang ChengFu held in great regard by her Chinese friends. Master Choy generously passed on to her the Yang family's long form.

Choy HakPang, Yang long form filmed on the UCLA campus and sword and sabre forms.

We were very surprised by the undivided attention Master Chen gave to the film of Master Choy performing first the Yang style long form, then the sword and the sabre. On other occasions when we or someone else had wanted him to view recordings at hand, he had watched for less than half a minute before saying, "No need look."

After following Choy HakPang's every move to the film's end, he looked us squarely in the eye and said, "Not many people can do like this."


Here in these 4 stills from the long form, one can see compactness and contained force, the inviolate frame, the very same qualities Chen XiaoWang exhibits in every moment of his taiji. Carefully examining this film, we can imagine how Choy HakPang would have performed Chentaiji. A master is a master, whatever the form or style.